3 personality changes that occur after stroke

Stroke can change a person’s life completely. If you are lucky to survive the stroke, then you should be prepared for some drastic changes in life. It not only affects you physically but mentally as well. Here are three personality changes that you may expect after a stroke.

Feeling of apathy


Some patients don’t care about anything. This may sound similar to depression, but it’s an after effect of stroke. The best way to treat this disorder is to get them moving and encourage them to be active. You should give them choices of where to go and what to do. You should make them understand that they need to move instead of staying in bed.

Feeling of neglect


It‘s a condition in which the patient doesn’t pay attention to one side of the body. For example, he or she will ignore food on one side of the place or the words on one side of the page. This type of disorder is due to right-hemisphere strokes. This type of disorder is dangerous. Family members must encourage the patients to pay attention to the side they are neglecting. The members should encourage using the neglected side more.

Feeling of impulsiveness


This kind of patients cannot think ahead. They either move too quickly or get behind. This occurs in patients who have suffered from the right side or frontal lobe strokes.

After a stroke, if you see any change in the personality of the person, you should be patient to deal with it. Don’t blame the person for the strange behavior. You should understand that all these are after effects of stroke. You should help the patient to overcome their personality disorder.