4 lifestyle risk factors of stroke

Some lifestyle factors increase the chance of having a stroke. If you can control those, your chances of having a stroke will be reduced. The factors are:

Diet and nutrition


You must always maintain a healthy diet. It will reduce the chance of having a stroke and keep you healthy. You should make informed decisions about food. Eat as much vegetable as you can. You should eat more seafood instead of poultry, eggs, and red meat. You should reduce the intake of sodium, sugar, fats and grains. You should keep your calorie in check and do exercise regularly.  If you put on excess weight, it will put a strain on the whole circulatory system. This will also increase the level of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. So, your risk of having stroke increases.

Physical activity

You must exercise at least five times a week.  You can choose to do either moderate activity or vigorous activity. Walking and cycling are examples of less vigorous activities. Vigorous activities include jogging, running, and swimming.  You should maintain your exercise routine to reduce the chance of stroke.

Stop smoking


Smoking increases the risk of stroke. When you smoke, a clot is formed, and it increases the amount of plaque in the arteries. You can try using nicotine patches, counseling or other techniques to help you quit smoking.

Alcohol consumption


If you drink too much alcohol, it increases the risk of stroke. So, you should limit your drinking to a few drinks a day only.

These lifestyle changes can help you prevent stroke. So, start changing your habits and keep yourself healthy, fit and away from strokes.