5 signs of strokes that you should be alert of

It is very critical to minimize the time between a stroke and its treatment. This will reduce the chance of any brain injury. You should get the patient immediately to the emergency room for a brain scan to see what type of injury is caused. Here are five signs of strokes that can save a life if you act fast.

Weakness of one side of the body


This feeling of numbness can be in an arm, leg or face. In such case, you should try to smile, move your legs and arms. If a side of the body doesn’t respond, then it’s an indication of a stroke.

Trouble speaking


When blood cannot flow to the area of the brain that controls language, the person may have difficulty in speech. You can ask the person to repeat the sentence. If you see that strange words are coming out, then you know that it’s stroke.

Vision problems


Stroke causes trouble in vision. The person may find it hard to recognize a face or other familiar objects. This is also a sign of stroke.

Trouble moving


If you have trouble walking or maintaining your balance, then it’s a sign that stroke has struck in the part of the brain that controls the voluntary muscle coordination.

Severe headache


If you suddenly have a very painful headache without any reason, then it’s a sign of hemorrhagic stroke. Migraine patients have a high risk of having a stroke.

By knowing these signs, you will be able to save your life and the lives of others. Starting the treatment quickly can cause less damage to the brain and so people can get back to the normal life.