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img30NGOs rely on supporters to run their operations and also to contribute to the research works related to stroke and AVC. Your donation will help NGOs stop stroke and save lives.

A person suffers a stroke every 10 minutes, and their lives may change instantly. Stroke can be fatal. Even if you survive, your life will change forever. Stroke is a disease that can leave you paralyzed. It can also cause head injury which may lead to memory loss. Some people recover from it and others can’t. NGOs and other organizations continuously support these patients to recover and get back to normal life quickly. They understand what the patients and their families go through. They have counseling sessions that help them deal with the situation in a positive manner. They have a research wing where we are trying to find new remedies for stroke patients. This kind of research needs huge funding. So, your donations will be very helpful.

They try to provide the best facilities for our patients. They have a personal nurse for each patient. Doctors visit the patients twice every day. They have the latest equipment for treatment, and cannot continue to provide all these without your support.

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